I thank Utku Perktas for creating this website and thereby bringing us into the 21st Century!

    Lee Allen, Joe Dicostanzo and Lydia Thomas made very helpful editorial suggestions and I appreciate their patience!

    Thanks to all of the following for their wonderful pictures, each of which is definitely worth 1,000 words.


Photographic Credits:

Ned Barnard, Melinda Billings, Joan Black, Esteban Bremer, Leandro Bugoni, Alberto Campos, Matt Cormons, Tom Cormons, Joseph DiCostanzo, Mary LeCroy, Gary Lehman, Vinicius Lima, Gabriel Lugo, Matthew Male, Ray Mendez, Veronica Neves, Anibal Parera, Utku Perktas, Judy Pierce, Jorge Salvia, George Silk, Sean Sime, Loretta Stillman, Richard Young.