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Selected Publications:

Hays, H. & Risebrough, R. W. 1972. Pollutant concentrations in abnormal young terns from Long Island sound. Auk. 89: 19-35. (Read Abstract/Paper).

LeCroy, M. & LeCroy, S. 1974. Growth and fledging in the common terns (Sterna hirundo). Bird Banding. 45: 326-340. (Read Abtract/Paper).

Hays, H. 1975. Probable Common x Roseate Tern Hybrids. Auk. 92: 219-234. (Read Abstract/Paper).

Cormons, G. 1976. Roseate Tern bill color change in relation to nesting status and food supply. Wilson Bulletin. 88: 377-389. (Read Abstract/Abstract)

DiCostanzo, J. 1980. Population dynamics of a Common Tern colony. Journal of Field Ornithology. 51: 229-243. (Read Abstract/Paper).

Hays, H. 1993. Roseate Tern Trio Fledges Three Young. Auk. 110: 653-658. (Read Abstract/Paper).

Hays, H.; DiCostanzo, J.; Cormons, G.; et al. 1997. Recoveries of Roseate and Common Terns in South America (Recobro de Individuos de Sterna dougallii y S. hirundo en Sur América). Journal of Field Ornithology. 68: 79-90. (Read Abstract/Paper).

Hays, H.; Lima, P.; Monteiro, L., DiCostanzo, J. et al. 1999. A Nonbreeding Concentration of Roseate and Common Terns in Bahia, Brazil (Concentración de Individuos de Sterna dougallii y de S. hirundo en Bahia, Brazil). Journal of Field Ornithology. 70: 455-464. (Read Abstract/Paper).

Hays, H.; Neves, V. C. & Lima, P. 2002. Banded Roseate Terns from different continents trapped in the Azores. Journal of Field Ornithology. 73: 180-184. (Read Abstract/Paper).

Hays, H.; Hudon, J.; Cormons, G.; DiCostanzo, J. & Lima, P. 2006. The Pink Feather Blush of the Roseate Tern. Waterbirds. 29: 296-301. (Read Abstract/Paper).

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Helen Hays received the following awards for work on Great Gull Island:

1985 President’s Volunteer Action Award

1989 Eisenmann Medal – The Linnaean Society of New York

1996 Chevrolet Outdoor Conservation Award – National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

1998 Lifetime Achievement Award  New York Audubon

2002 Conservation Service Award U.S. Department of the Interior

2004 Distinguished Alumnae Award – Walnut Hill School

2009 Alumnae Achievement Award  - Wellesley College  

2010 Certificate of Appreciation  United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wililife Service