Volunteer Projects


Melinda Billings cleared a good portion of the pump platform, formerly used by nesting terns. It is now ready for them for the spring of 2012.

Volunteers terraced the side of east gun emplacement on either side of a retaining wall where Roseate Terns nested. About 15 pairs of Roseates nested in the new compartments of the terraces.

Rectangles build on the gun emplacement were used successfully by nesting Common Terns. Small boxes within the rectangles provide hiding places for the chicks.

In 1990 and 1991 volunteers gave the two student buildings hip roofs, formerly the roofs were flat.

In 2001 Kathy Dolan directed a group who reshingled the headquarters building.

Putting down the shingles.

Using tractor’s front loader volunteers lift packs of shingles to the roof of the headquarters building.

In 2003, the Argentineans mended the roof of a lookout behind the central tower.

In 2004, Argentineans built a second room behind the tower...

...... and in 2005 gave it a deck.

In 2011, the Argentineans and Todd Crouch replaced the flat roof of the older building with a peaked roof.

In 2011, Bob Kane built six small blinds in a week.

Jim Sorenson in his 30th year of work weekends on Great Gull Island took time out to read a paper wearing his 25 year shirt!

Picking up the last of the traps.

Storing the chick houses in the ground blind at the eastern end of the island.

Working on Great Gull Island

Melissa has driven gear from New
York to the boat in the spring and back to New York in the fall for the last 21 years. She started and maintains a garden on Great Gull Island and when she comes to the island she makes gourmet meals, a treat for everyone.