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Article # : SC01

Sema Çalış, Ph.D.



Determination of Specific Surface Area of Some Antacids


Dr. Murat Şumnu* / Ecz. Sema Çalış* / Dr.Yüksel Sarıkaya** / Dr. A. Atilla Hıncal*


  * Hacettepe  University,  Faculty  of  Pharmacy,  Pharmaceutical Technology Department, 06100 Ankara-TURKEY

** Ankara University, Faculty  of  Science, Tandoğan-Ankara.



Specific surface areas of magnesium trisilicate, magnesium okside, magnesium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, dihydroxy aluminum sodium carbonate and kaolin which are an active substances  in   antacid   formulations  and  take  place  in  pharmaceutical formulations as an additive are measured by using BET adsorption apparatus. The specific surface areas are calculated using BET, Harkins-Jura and de Boer-Lippens methods and is found that magnesium trisilicate posses the highest specific surface area. The results were discussed with respect to adsorption of drugs on antacid substances.


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