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Article # : SC04

Sema Çalış, Ph.D.



Evaluation of the interfacial properties of a new potent antimicrobial surfactant C31G

N. Ünlü, S. Çalış, M. Şumnu, A.A. Hıncal

Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of  Hacettepe,  06100 Ankara-Turkey


The surface activity of a new potent antimicrobial  mixture (C31G) of alkyl betaines and alkyl amine oxides were evaluated in order to determine the relationship between its antimicrobial effectiveness and physical properties. Therefore the surface tension measurements were performed a different temperatures using an intertacial tensiometer. Critical micelle concentrations, interracial and thermodynamic parameters of C31G were obtained from the surface tension data.


Key words

Surfactans, antimicrobial compound, 2 alkil N-betaine, alkil N,N-dimethylamino oxide, bactericidal


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