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Software Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty,  Cankaya University, Yukarıyurtcu 06815 Etimesgut Ankara

Dr. Hayri Sever has been a Faculty Member and Chair of Software Engineering Department at Cankaya University (www.cankaya.edu.tr) since Feb of 2018, which has both the first rank at nationwide (and 401-500 level in the world) as well as  fifth rank among national private universities with respect to Times Higher Education World University Rankings (https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/cankaya-university ) and URAP Index (http://tr.urapcenter.org/2019/2019_t6.php) in sequence. Previously -between July/2008 and Jan/2018- he has been a professor and Chair of Computer Engineering Department as well as Head of Software Engineering Main Division at Engineering Faculty of Hacettepe University whose international rank is at 501-600 (third among national universities) in 2019 with respect to THE (Times Higher Education) and  national rank is number one in 2019 with regard to URAP, and number one again  in 2018-2019 with respect to Turkey - CWUR World University Rankings.  Dr. Sever has become Dean of the Informatics Institute at Hacettepe University between 2009-2012. He had served -between Feb/2007 and July/2008- as a professor of computer engineering at Cankaya University; between Sept/2002 and  Feb/2007 as a professor and Chair of Computer Engineering Department at Baskent University; between Oct/1995 and Sept/2000 associate professor and the Vice Chair of Computer Engineering Department at  Hacettepe University. He was at  Computer Science and Engineering Department of University of Nebraska at Lincoln, NE as a visiting professor and at the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval of Massachusetts University at Amherst, MA as a visiting scholar for two years. He served as a teaching assistant during his Ph.D. study at the Center for Advanced Computer Studies of University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA and research assistant at the National Geographic Center of  Maine University at Orono, ME. Dr. Sever became co-founder and CTO of Mantis Software GmbH. (www.mantis.com.tr) between 2007-15 and the R&D Coordinator at NETCAD Software Corp. (www.netcad.com.tr ) for nine years. Dr. Sever had served for three years as the Head of Information Technologies Committee at the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK-TEYDEB) and one year at Turkish Standardization Institute (TSE).  His research interests span multimedia information retrieval, vertical search engines, data and web mining, speech processing, semantic analysis models, spatial information systems, social network  analysis, and genomics. Dr. Sever has either managed or served as a consultant  for over 25 national or international industrial projects. Dr. Sever is a member of  Turkish Informatics Society (1374),  ACM (7650955) and IEEE (80461218).


Education Information        

Ph.D.  (1991-1995)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Computer Science (https://computing.louisiana.edu/)

MSc. (1989-1991)

University of Maine at Orono

Computer Science (https://umaine.edu/cs/)

BSc (1982-1986)

Hacettepe University

Computer Engineering (http://cs.hacettepe.edu.tr/)
















University of Massachusetts Amherst/College of Information and Computer Sciences/Computer Science/Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (Visitor)






The University of Nebraska-Lincoln/Collage of Arts and Sciences/Computer Science and Engineering (Visitor)






University of Louisiana at Lafayette/School of Computing and Informatics/Computer Science



University of Maine/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Computing and Information Science


Administrative and Industrial Posts



Software Engineering Department, Cankaya University



Computer Engineering Department, Hacettepe University



Informatic Institute, Hacettepe University

Head of Software Engineering Main Division


Computer Engineering Department, Hacettepe University

Head of Computer Engineering Main Division


Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Hacettepe University

Co-founder and CTO


Mantis Software GmbH (www.mantis.com.tr)

R&D Coordinator


NETCAD GmbH (www.netcad.com.tr)



Computer Engineering Department, Baskent University

Head of Information Technologies Committee



Head of Information and Communication Technology  Committee  


TSE (Turkish Standardization Institute)

Vice Chair


Computer Engineering Department, Hacettepe University

Coordinator of Information Technology


Rectorate, Hacettepe University


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