Efe Akkaş, PhD


As a member of the Volcanatolia volcanology research team and a collaborator of the PÜSKÜRÜM project with a research-/teaching assistant role at Hacettepe University's Dept. of Geological Engineering, I use a wide range of mineralogical and petrological data set to analyze magmatic processes. My expertise also includes investigating and exploring secondary clay minerals linked to hydrothermal alteration processes and conducting intensive field studies to examine the physical activities of volcanoes and physical properties of eruptive products. Additionally, I am skilled in providing computational modeling using MATLAB to simulate common petrological phenomena. I am proficient in operating and maintaining advanced analytical techniques (SEM-EDS & X-Ray μ-CT) to gather and integrate complex petrological data on rocks and minerals.














 Postal Code:

+90 312 297 77 00 - 164


Hacettepe University Department of Geological Engineering Ankara Turkey



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