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A Model of Success (2006). NU Engineer, pg.5

Selis Önel has to be one of the best-known graduate students in the College of Engineering. She is past president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association, which represents graduate students from all eight of the University's colleges; one of the founders of the Graduate Engineering Bridges, the student association for engineering graduate students; and the recipient of an Outstanding Graduate Student Award for community service in 2004. And this spring, if all goes as planned, she will have a PhD in mechanical engineering to add to her list of accomplishments.

Originally from İzmir, Turkey,  Önel, 31, received her bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. AT Northeastern, she is part of the Advanced Materials Processing Lab, where she conducts theoretical research, concentrating on mathematical modeling to predict the microstructure of rapidly solidified metal alloy droplets, which generally involve dendritic structures. A better understanding and control of this kind of crystal growth would benefit the aero-space and semiconductor industries, among others. "Materials is a very big field right now,"  Önel explains. Teiichi Ando, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, directs the lab and has secured funding for the work being done there from the National Science Foundation, Toyota, and Hitachi, among others.

In her five-plus years at Northeastern,  Önel says she has never had second thoughts about choosing NU. "There's a lot of energy here right now - you can feel it. In the last five years, I have seen so many interdisciplinary research centers being established. And the faculty members are getting  lot of grants, which is great for grad students because it means there will be more assistantships and the quality of grad students will continue to increase.


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Nafiz ALBAYRAK / BOSTON (DHA), April 28, 2005


Üniversitenin Master ve Doktora Öğrencileri Derneği Başkanı olan ve 4 bin öğrenciyi temsil eden Selis Önel, hem üniversite içi, üniversite dışı ve üniversiteler arasındaki akademik çalışmalara ve öğrenci sorunlarının çözümüne katkılarından dolayı 'hizmet' dalında en başarılı öğrenci seçilen Önel, ''Üniversite seçim kurulunun bu ödüle beni layık görmesi çok onur verici'' dedi.

Makina Mühendisliği Bölümü'nde, doktorasını 'malzeme' alanında yapmakta olan Önel, ödülünü Öğrenci Merkezi ve Etkinlikleri Direktörü ve Gail Olyha'dan aldı.