BBS632 - Database Systems (Fall 2018)

Lecturer: Dr. Fuat Akal

Lectures: Thursdays, @18:15 (D9)

Office Hours: Open door policy

Course Description

This course provides a foundation for relational database management systems. In this course, you will create relational databases, write SQL statements to extract information to satisfy business reporting requests, create entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to design databases, and analyze table designs for excessive redundancy. In addition to that, you will learn about transaction management, user management, security and, backup and recovery. As you develop these skills, you will use either Oracle or MySQL, or anything else you desire to execute SQL statements to improve your practice.

Course Work

Lectures will be conducted in Turkish in the classroom. Course materials will mostly be in English. Attendance and involvement in the classroom are highly encouraged but NOT mandatory. Both will be rewarded as (10+10)% while grading though.


Grading will be done over attendance (10%), involvement (10%), project work (40%) and a final examination (40%).

Reference books

“Database System Concepts” by Abraham Silberschatz and S Sudarshan
“Database Management Systems” by Raghu Ramakrishnan

Additional Resources:

You can either locally install a database to work with or use Jupyter Notebooks and SQLite. Depending on your choice, you can try MySQL or Anaconda.


Week # Date Title Slides
1 11.10.2018 Course Logistics and Database History, SQL: Introduction  
2 18.10.2018 Database Design: ER Diagrams  
3 25.10.2018 SQL: Advanced  
4 01.11.2018 Database Design: Theory 1  
5 08.11.2018 Database Design: Theory 2  
6 15.11.2018 Review  
7 22.11.2018 Transactions and Isolation  
8 29.11.2018 Data Access: I/O Model, Indexes  
9 06.12.2018 Relational Algebra  
10 13.12.2018 Optimization  
11 20.12.2018 Programming the Database  
12 27.12.2018 Backup, Recovery, Replication  
13 03.01.2019 NoSQL Systems  
14 10.01.2019 Review for Final Examination  


The course webpage will be updated regularly throughout the semester. All other course related communications will be carried out through Piazza. Please enroll by following the link below: