Arastirma Projeleri Research Projects
TUBITAK Elektrik, Elektronik ve Informatik Arastirma Projeleri EEEAG-33 "0.15 Tesla MRI sistemi tasarimi ve gelistirilmesi (yonetici Y. Z. Ider) 1990-1993 TUBITAK Research Grant Project No : EEEAG-33 "0.15 tesla MRI System Design and Development" (director : Y Z Ider) 1990-1993
TUBITAK Elektrik, Elektronik ve Informatik Arastirma Projeleri EEEAG-136 "istatistiksel kisitlandirilmis EET sistemi (yonetici B.M.Eyuboglu) 1994-1997 TUBITAK Research Grant Project No : EEEAG-136 "Statistically Constrained EIT System" (director : B M Eyuboglu) 1994-1997

Verdigim Lisans Dersleri Undergraduate Courses Taught
ELE  214 Elektronik Laboratuvari ELE  214 Electronics Laboratory
Semiconductor diodes and rectifer circuits. Zener diodes and their regulator applications. Characteristics of bipolar junction transistors. Characteristics of junction field effect transistors. AC/DC analysis of BJT amplifiers. AC/DC analysis of JFET amplifers.
ELE  217 Kati Hal Elektronigi ELE  214 Solid State Electronics
Crystal, polycrystal, amorph substance and related definitions. Energy band structure of solid substance; conductors, insulators and semiconductors. Load carrier formation on semiconductors, generation and recombination concepts. Semiconductor transmission models. Diffusion and drift current definitions. Measurement of electronics parameters for semiconductors. Analysing PN junction potential, junction capacitance and some other properties.Internal structure of BJT and FET and analysing their processes. Sample Problems and Solutions
ELE  313 Electronik Laboratuvari II ELE  313 Electronics Laboratory II 
Voltage regulators, direct coupled amplifiers, feedback amplifiers, differential amplifier, operational amplifier (OPAMP), bandwidth, slow rate and offsets of LM 741 OPAMP,  active filters, oscillators.
ELE  314  Sayisal Elektronik Laboratuvari ELE  314  Digital Electronics Laboratory 
Switching circuits with BJT and JFET, sweep generator, relaxation  oscillator and frequency divider with UJT, RTL and DTL logic gates, TTL "NAND" logic gate,collector coupled monostable multivibrator, collector coupled astable multivibrator,Schmitt trigger circuit, intergrated circuit, monostable, astable multivibrators and frequency doubler
ELE  361 Elektrik Makinalari I ELE  361 Electrical Machines I
Basic concepts of magnetic circuits; Transformers,  Electromechanical energy conversion; principles of rotating machines; armature mmf, induced emf, torque production. D.C. machines, Single-phase induction motors; equivalent-circuit,  s/s operation, starting. Linear induction motor, split-phase, capacitor-type,  shaded-pole. Special machines; stepping motors, series universal motor, permanent magnet DC and AC motors. Sample Problems and Solutions
ELE  362 Elektrik Makinalari II ELE  362 Electrical Machines II
Three-phase transformers; star-delta connection, power in three-phase circuits, complex  power, power-factor  correction. Three phase distributed winding principles, rotating  magnetic fields,  induced emf, winding foctors. Induction machines: equivalent  circuit,  s/s operation, blocked-rotor and no-load tests, torque-speed  charateristic,  rating and efficiency, starting methods, speed control and a.c. drives. Synchronous machines: generator and motor operation,salient-pole and  cylindrical rotor types, equivalent circuit, open-and short-circuit       test, regulation,excitation systems, system application of  synchronous  machines
ELE  365 Elektrik Makinalari Laboratuvari I ELE  365 Electrical Machines Laboratory I  
Power measurement in a.c. circuits. Single-phase transformer;  voltage and current waveforms, hysteresis loop, polarity test, efficiency and regulation, open-and short-circuit tests. D.C.   machines; magnetization characteristic, excitation types and   performance characteristics of generators and motors. Single phase induction motors; types, starting and operation.  Demonstration movies for this course
ELE  364 Elektrik Makinalari Laboratuvari II ELE  364 Electrical Machines Laboratory II
Three-phase transformers; star and delta connection, power measurement.Induction machines; no-load and blocked-rotor tests, torque-speed  characteristic,effiency tests, starting and maximum tork. Synchronous  machines; open-and short-circuit charracteristics, zero-p.f.     characteristic. 
ELE  454 Guc Elektronigi ELE  454 Power Electronics
Thyristor and other power switching devices, static switches, harmonics analysis, commutation techniques, rectification and inversion, cycloconverters, DC-DC conversion, choppers, inverters, DC machine control, AC machine control

Verdigim Lisans Ustu Dersleri Graduate Courses  Taught

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