Hacettepe University

Dept. of Business Administration 







International Meetings :

EURO / INFORMS Joint International Meeting (The Association of European Operational Research and the Management Sciences), 6 - 10 July 2003

Onur Koyuncu, Halit Gönenç, “Value Versus Growth Portfolio Performances : A Data Mining Approach on Turkish Stocks”


11th Annual Conference - Multinational Finance Society, 3 - 8 July 2004

Onur Koyuncu, Halit Gönenç, Göknur Büyükkara, "Balance Sheet Exchange Rate Exposure, Investment and Firm Value: Evidence From The Turkish Firms"


European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization (ECCO XVIII), May 26 - 28, 2005.

Tomas Eric Nordlander, James Little, S. Armagan Tarim, Onur Koyuncu, "A New Materials Management System for the Cork University Hospital"


 In proceedings of IT&T 2005, the Information Technology and Telecommunications conference, Cork, Ireland, 2005.

Joe Bater, Kenneth N. Brown, David A. Burke, Alex Ferguson, Eugene C. Freuder, Onur Koyuncu, James Little, Barry O' Sullivan, Roberto Rossi, Armagan Tarim: "Value Chain Optimisation at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre in the Centre for Telecommunications Value-chain-driven Research".


Agenda : Optimisation in Telecommunications, TTI & 4C Industry Associates Programme, 22 June 2005.

Onur Koyuncu, "Test Set Optimisation".


Participant in Trading Agent Competition - Supply Chain Management, IJCAI '05, Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2005.

David A. Burke, Kenneth N. Brown, Onur Koyuncu, Brahim Hnich, Armagan Tarim,  "Foreseer: A Constraint Based Agent for TAC-SCM"


In proceedings of Changes'05, the International Workshop on Constraint Solving under Change and Uncertainty, Sitges, Spain, October 2005, pp9--12.

Kenneth N. Brown, David A. Burke, Brahim Hnich, Armagan Tarim, Onur Koyuncu: "The Trading Agent Competition as a test problem for Constraint Solving under Change and Uncertainty"